Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Update on Maintenance Issues - July 25, 2012

Councillor Cesar Palacio and his office have been working with the Parks Supervisors to address current maintenance issues in Earlscourt Park. We were pleased to learn the following this week:

1. Wading Pool Inspection: Parks has had a plumber inspect the wading pool to ensure that all is in good working order. This includes the spray (fountain) feature, which we are told is fully operational aside from those times that the pool is being filled or emptied. 

2. Litter: New closed-style garbage and recycling containers have been ordered to replace the existing open concept bins, which allow litter to be blown through the park and playground. In addition, Solid Waste Management has been asked to increase the overall number of containers in the park. 

3. Playground Signage: Parks has placed an order for signage to encourage park users to "Please help keep our parks clean".

We thank Councillor Palacio and the Parks Supervisors for addressing these issues!

Combined with last week's news about the upcoming field house renovation and future ramp installation from Davenport this demonstrates a genuine interest from the City on addressing concerns in the Park. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Earlscourt Park is Getting Capitol Improvements!

Hello EP lover,

We've had some wonderful news from Councillor Cesar Palacio about upcoming Earlscourt Park renovations:

  • Earlscourt Park Fieldhouse (Building #7 - south of the new soccer field) is getting completely redone this year. Over $150,000 is being invested in renovations. This is a fantastic addition to the park and soccer field; players and residents will now have a proper place to change before using the field.
  • Switchback Ramps. The deteriorating state of the stairs (from the dog park to Davenport Road) is being addressed by staff. Since Toronto has to be fully accessible by 2025, Parks and my office have come together to develop a ramp design to replace the stairs. The ramp will begin and end at the same location as the current stairs to avoid any accessibility confusion. The attached photograph is a built example in Hamilton that staff are using as a precedent. This is a huge capital infrastructure investment that we should all be proud of.
Sample ramp design from a facility in Hamilton

Hip Hip Hooray!!